Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Reading Group

We are the machine learning and artificial intelligence reading group (AIRG) in the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. We gather weekly during the semester to discuss papers in the areas of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), computer vision (CV), and bioinformatics. We are the primary reading group for the AI area and cater to all its various topics, but mostly focus on ML.


AIRG typically meets Wednesdays from 4–5pm in CS 3310, but has not yet been scheduled for Spring 2020.

Occasionally, when appropriate, AIRG is canceled in favor of the Statistics Seminar.


The mission of AIRG is to provide an open forum to

We strive to accommodate differing levels of education and experience and to provide a welcoming, accessible, and safe environment for all participants.

All UW students and interested members of the public are welcome to participate in AIRG.

Why Participate?

How it Works

Each week a member [1] leads the discussion of a paper of their choice. The member volunteers to present a paper (or other material, see below) by contacting the coordinators. About a week before the assigned meeting date, the member announces [2] their paper via the mailing list. Other members then read the paper [3] and come to the meeting prepared to discuss it. The volunteering member presents an overview of the paper (about 30–45 minutes if uninterrupted) and leads the ensuing discussion. Questions of any kind are always welcome at any time.

[1] A member is anyone who participates!

[2] A good announcement includes a brief, motivating summary of the paper (usually not the abstract), a publicly-accessible permalink (or the PDF if a permalink to the paper is not available), and a reminder of the meeting time and place (especially if a “special session”).

[3] Read the paper to the best of your ability and availability. Skim it if you need to. Read the abstract. Glance at the figures. Just show up!

How to Participate

Ideas for What to Present

The material should be short enough to present and discuss in an hour, although, for longer topics, we have occasionally arranged “special sessions” that extend the meeting time or span multiple meetings.



We have an archive (under construction) of all the AIRG meetings going back to 2002!